LMC-Plasticsource and DYNOS Gmbh have formed a partnership to market commercial and electrical grades of vulcanized fibre in the United States and Canada on an exclusive basis. Electrical (UL Approved) and Commercial Grades are in stock in our Bensalem, PA warehouse.

Vulcanized Fibre is a material manufactured by gelatinizing multiple plies of cotton-based paper. DYNOS has more than 50 years experience in the production of fibre for a variety of applications.

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The treatment bath is equipped with a dip roller by which the individually immersed plies of paper meet and are combined. After leaving the treatment bath the web passes through a pair of squeeze rollers which removes the excess zinc chloride solution. Then the impregnated web passes over two heated treatment cylinders followed by aeration whereby uniform treatment is achieved. After aeration the zinc chloride is removed through a series of leaching tanks.



After the zinc chloride is washed out, the vulcanized fibre is dried in a drying section. The material passes over a series of heated cylinders. The drying temperature is approx. 100°C. Precaution are taken when drying the material to ensure uniform moisture content over the entire width. If necessary the vulcanized fibre can be calendared immediately after drying. The material is then trimmed and reeled.

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