Power Generation

LMC-Plasticsource is a premier supplier of electrical insulation parts to the Power Generation and Distribution industries. We stock the necessary materials and have the capacity to react to an outage. We can supply parts from samples or from customer drawings.

Turbine and Hydro Generator Insulation
Stator Wedges Slot Liners Ripple Springs
Creepage Blocks Pole Blocks Wedge/Space Blocks
Sub-Slot Covers Filler Strips Axial Supports
Corner Insulation Bushings and Washers Field Bore Tubes
Power Transmission and Switchgear
Buss Support Bars Barrier Panels Covers
Pressboard Sheet Polyester Sheets  
Material We Stock for Generators, Transformers and Switchgear
Generator Grade G-11 (A50A573) Post Baked Cotton Phenolic (A19B15B2) Nomex 410 and 414
Wedge Grade (Low Shrink A50A341) Cotton Phenolic Novalac Grade G-11
(easily pealed or formed)
GPO-3 G-5 or G-9 Melamine G-7 Silicone

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