Surplus Material

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Liquidators of Manufacturers and OEM Surplus Inventory

Through our EconPlastics division we stock surplus, high quality, industrial laminate sheets, rods and tubes in various sizes and grades. We are rebuilding the site and don’t have the surplus inventory currently available. Please check with us through our contact page or give us a call to find out what’s available! Check in soon to see the updated pages!

G10/FR-4 Glass Epoxy
Nema C Natural
Nema L Natural
Nema CE Natural
Nema LE Natural
Grey Vulcanized Fibre

Tubing and Rod
Linen Molded Rod
G10/FR4 Molded Rod
Grade C Tubing

Surplus Material
OEM Surplus Laminate
Glass Epoxy Sheets
Cotton Phenolic Sheets
Glass Phenolic Sheets
Glass Silicone Sheets
Glass Melamine Sheets
Paper Phenolic Sheets

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